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  • Posterized: Arrowhead Magic II

    I wanted to share this with everyone who did not get a chance to win one at the Chiefs game today. The Chiefs will give away a signed print of this later day at the Raiders game for Fan Appreciation Day at Arrowhead. The Chiefs have been amazing over the last few months and I’m […]

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  • Posterized: Romeo Crennel Makes A Splash in His Chiefs Head Coaching Debut

    {click the image to enlarge} Romeo Crennel had this team operating like a well-oiled machine. The guys played hard, and this scene at the end was certainly an indictment of that. Way to go, big guy. Keep it up! 13-1.   Wallpapers: {right click, save as} 1366 x 768 1024 x 786 1650 x 1050 […]

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  • Caricatures: Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich

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  • Posterized: Justin Houston makes his presence felt

    {click the image to enlarge} Boy that Justin Houston is becoming a scary force on the opposite side of Hali. Hopefully he can keep it up!!! Wallpapers: {right click, save as} 1366 x 768 1024 x 786 1650 x 1050 1280 x 800 1280 x 1024 1680 x 1050 1440 x 900 1920 x 1080 960 […]

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  • Posterized: Dwayne Bowe’s Circus Catch

    {click the image to enlarge} … Or as my friend James dubbed it, the “We-Bowe-Wabble” This one was just too good to pass up, for obvious reasons. Good thing I followed my gut, too. I feel like this became one of my most successful paintings. This Chiefs’ offense is going to be scary if Baldwin […]

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  • Posterized: Getting Pressure

    One of the things I think the Chiefs have done pretty well this preseason was get pressure. The OLB position in particular has peaked my interest. I stand by my prediction that Justin Houston will be the steal of the draft, and I wanted to do a little piece to celebrate what we’ve seen so […]

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  • Posterized: Jon Baldwin flashes

    I have to admit, one of my favorite things about that really ugly loss to the Bucs last friday night, was seeing Jon Baldwin in action. Even though he didn’t do much, he DID flash at you a little bit, if even for that one play. You know the one I speak of… (Click the […]

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  • Airbrushed Smoker: Shugg’s ‘Que

    I had a lot of fun with this the past few days so I thought I’d share some photos of my latest. I’m airbrushing at Twin Cities Customs currently and this was a project for a friend for Father’s Day. This should make it’s way to the American Royal this year so it should be […]

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  • Arrowhead Stadium: Primed & Ready

    Hello Fellow Chiefs Fans! It’s been a while since I’ve given you guys a little gift so I thought I’d start things off with a bang. This (Arrowhead pt. II) was something that I really felt like I wanted to do this offseason. I had the privilege of attending the playoff game against Baltimore. While […]

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  • Posterized: The Finale

    Hello everyone! I’m happy to say that my show last friday went very smoothly, and I’d like to thank everyone who showed up. It was a lot of fun! I’m also happy with the way that this final image turned out. I took one of the suggestions that I read on my previous post, as […]

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